Joe Kelly manipulates the pelvis

Integrating the Pelvis for More Powerful Movement

April 29 & 30 Learn to effectively assess and test the pelvis to determine underlying structural and functional imbalance, and acquire techniques to enhance connection and integration of the legs, pelvis and torso.

Study Group

Study groups are for current ISM students and graduates. Come experience structural integration work with fellow students and graduates of the ISM Structural Medicine SpecialistTM training program.

Structural Medicine Clinics

Experience the customized treatment approach of Structural Integration with Donna Bajelis, PT, CHP, SMS. Clinics are for anyone interested in learning more about Structural Medicine and the ISM Structural Medicine SpecialistTM training.

Past Workshops

A well-respected structural integration trainer, Donna Bajelis has taught numerous workshops. View a small sampling of past workshops here.