ISM Faculty

Donna Bajelis

Donna Bajelis, PT, CHP, SMS

Founder and Director

Donna Bajelis is a nationally respected educator and leader in the field of Structural Integration. She has 32 years of experience combined, as a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Hellerwork Trainer, and Structural Medicine Trainer. A graduate of University of Connecticut, Donna double majored in physical therapy and pre-med. She continued her post-graduate studies in physical therapy at internationally renown Kaiser Vallejo Hospital, where she specialized in PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.) Equipped with a strong knowledge of neuromuscular systems, Donna continued to develop her in-depth understanding of joints and the skeletal and fascial (connective tissue) systems of the body. She has completed extensive post-graduate coursework in the fields of physical therapy, osteopathic medicine and orthopedic medicine, specializing in joint mobilization. Donna specializes in orthopedic/neurological manual therapy, which includes myofascial release, joint mobilization, and neuromuscular re-education. She maintains a practice in Seattle and Twisp, Washington.

Joe Kelly


Structural Medicine Teacher

Joe Kelly is an Advanced Certified Structural Medicine Specialist and a Board Certified Structural Integrator. He runs a thriving private practice in Seattle, WA and teaches at the Institute of Structural Medicine. Joe also teaches movement seminars blending the worlds of movement, physical training and structural integration. He has studied extensively with top level practitioners in the fields of Structural Integration, Feldenkrais, and other movement modalities. In his private practice, Joe works with clients taking them through the Structural Medicine Series, the 7 Day Body, and treating complex pathologies. In his free time, he is an advanced backcountry skier, mountaineer, explorer, movement coach and educator.

Ivan Duben

Ivan Duben, CHP, SMS

Structural Medicine Teacher

Ivan Duben completed his structural integration training at the Institute of Structural Medicine. He is a certified Structural Medicine Specialist and a certified Hellerwork Practitioner. Currently he is pursuing Osteopathy with the Canadian College of Osteopathy. His teaching with the institute includes hands on instruction with MFLT, visual body reading and postural analysis.

Steve Hurley, MusB, MM, AmSAT

Structural Movement Teacher

Steve Hurley is certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique by the American Society of the Alexander Technique. He also holds degrees in vocal performance from Boston Conservatory and the University of Michigan. In addition to his work in movement education, he teaches singing and acting. Structural Movement grew from Steve’s experience working with his colleagues in movement education and from his experience as a teacher in the Hilberry Theatre Program at Detroit’s Wayne State University. Steve has over fifteen years of experience teaching movement skills in the contexts of both professional performance and therapy.

Catherine Keir

Voice Dialogue* Teacher

Catherine Keir is a professional Voice Dialogue teacher and facilitator. Maintaining a private practice in Seattle, Catherine travels nationally teaching the Voice Dialogue Method to those seeking the development and exploration of their own consciousness process. Training bodywork practitioners, counselors, actors, etc. on how to access, integrate and best utilize the multiple selves we all have within us, Catherine’s work helps bring new perspectives and possibilities for growth to her clients. Drawing from 25 years of collective experience in Voice Dialogue, acting, meditation, movement, as well as her keen sensitivity and training in listening and presence, Catherine leads her clients toward greater awareness and perceptivity. Her teaching also extends to those studying to be in public forums, enriching their presentation skills, confidence and embodiment of their work. She is certified with the Academy of Intuitive Studies in Sausalito, CA, and holds a Fine Arts Degree in Theatre.

*Founded by Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D., Voice Dialogue teaches us about the different facets of our personality, and how these various “selves” affect our outlook, behavior and choices in life.

Anita Boser, LMP, CHP, RYT

Movement and Business Teacher

Anita Boser is a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher. Her commitment to integrating increased physical ease with broader self-reflection enhances both her Hellerwork practice and her yoga instruction. As a structural integrator, Anita specializes in injury treatment and guiding a client through personal growth and transformation in their process of healing. Her yoga classes at Washington State’s Swedish Hospital focus on easeful, flowing movements, incorporating both traditional yoga postures and Anita’s free form movement exploration. Her book, Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation details her discovery and development of a unique movement pattern, undulation, which creates deeper internal awareness and greater physical comfort. She is the author of Undulation Exercises, a multi-approach health blog emphasizing movement education. Anita has also written for numerous health and wellness publications, including Massage & Bodywork Magazine, The Yearbook of Structural Integration, Fibromyalgia Aware and Massage Today. Prior to becoming a bodywork and movement practitioner, Anita worked in business and marketing. Incorporating her rich background in diverse fields, Anita brings deep insight and experience to the Institute of Structural Medicine’s practitioner training program.

Bob Neiman, CPA

Business Systems, Business Planning, and Business Practice

Bob Neiman has been a self-employed CPA since 1982 and Investment Advisor since 2003. He works with health care practitioner clients all over the United States. Bob works with professionals in all aspects of their practices including start up, tax management and preparation, and investing. He is a graduate of Clark University in Worcester, MA. Bob currently lives in Merrick, NY. He is also an accomplished fine art photographer.

Don St. John, Ph.D.

Don St. John is an attachment/somatic oriented psychotherapist and a Hellerwork Trainer. He is writing a book relating human body tissues to the relationship between the orbital-frontal cortex and amygdala; the autonomic nervous system; heart-rate variability; affect and interpersonal relationships.

Maureen Warren

Maureen Warren, LMP, CHP, SMS

Movement Therapy and Alternative Bodywork Modalities

Maureen is a Certified Structural Medicine SpecialistTM and a Certified Hellerwork practitioner with over 25 years of experience. Maureen serves as an assistant instructor to Donna Bajelis in her four year Structural Medicine Specialist Training program. In Maureen’s private practice, she focuses on injury treatment and body/mind connection. Maureen has over 15 years of experience teaching myofascial release courses nationwide. She has developed and teaches Structural Analysis courses which include myofascial length testing (MFLT) for massage practitioners. She maintains a private practice at Seattle Healing Arts Center.

Roger Weinerth

Body Mind Movement Energetics and Structural Integration

Roger Weinerth is a nationally known Body Mind Educator. He has been a certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner for over 30 years, a Hellerwork Faculty member, president of the American Hellerwork SI Practitioner Association, and a NeuroLinguistics Professional. He is the founder and president of BodyMindPower and developed the SI intensive The Seven Day Body. Roger is dedicated to educating people on how to use movement, sensory motor awareness, and structural realignment to powerfully affect their energy, health, communication, and personal effectiveness. He is an expert at demonstrating and teaching how body language and human behavior transform into body mechanics.

Assisting and Teaching at ISM

Graduates of the Institute of Structural Medicine are welcome to visit ongoing trainings to observe, take part in class demonstrations, and contribute to the students’ learning experience. Successful graduates can apply to become academic mentors who assist students through the Independent Study phase of training.