Training Facility

Physical Location

103 Ross Road, Twisp, WA 98856
Google Map

Location Phone

(509) 997-9392

Location Fax

(509) 997-2344

Total Bathrooms

Three adjacent bathroom facilities


20.5 acres with riverfront


720 square feet with adequate windows for ventilation and light

Teaching Privacy

Multiple Shoji screens/linen to be used for client/student privacy,
carpeted flooring, private, relatively sound proof


Washer and dryer adjacent to training center


Extensive library with relevant texts, DVDs, videos and software:
anatomy and physiology, psychology, energetics, bodywork, movement, and business

Other Resources

Multiple skeleton models, slide projector, TV/VCR, computer, 52-inch LCD display, light projector, treatment tables, cabinets for storing students’ books, miscellaneous storage space


Adjustable lighting throughout the training center