Structural Medicine SpecialistTM four-year practitioner training program tuition and fees:

Tuition Payment Plan

$500 no interest monthly payment plan, payable 10 months each year for five years, totaling $25,000. Each payment will be due on the first of the month, or on the date specified in your tuition agreement.

Application and Selection Committee Fee

$550 non-refundable, due with application


$5,500, due six weeks prior to start of training

Total Tuition Including Deposit


Cadaver Lab Fee

$2,000 (approximately) additional fee for five-day cadaver lab

Optional Fifth Year Training

An additional fee will apply; to be announced.


ISM currently does not offer any scholarship opportunities for several reasons:

  • We have adjusted tuition in an effort to allow more students to enter our training program at an affordable rate.
  • We have an interest-free payment plan that runs on a 10-month, rather than a 12-month, schedule. This payment plan runs for five years, even though the training is four years.
  • During training, students are able to build up their practice AND income each year.
  • If you pay for training in full, in advance, you will receive $2,000 off of your total tuition.