Application Process

Please download our application forms and information PDFs for a complete checklist detailing all steps of the application process, as well as a road map to guide you through the training program requirements. You’ll also find contact information, a list of required books and software, information about application and selection committee fees and schedule of payments, the enrollment application and enrollment agreement contract.

Application Process Overview

  • Submit a completed Structural Medicine Specialist Training Program Enrollment Application form with four photographs and non-refundable application and selection committee fee to the Director.
  • Provide at least two (2) letters of recommendation to the Director.
    One letter must be from a professional medical practitioner or licensed body worker. The second letter must be from a personal friend or associate.
  • Schedule and complete the ISM Selection Committee interview. During this interview, the committee will ask you about your physical, emotional and financial readiness to enter the training, as well as your commitment to the training. In addition, the Institute of Structural Medicine will consider your initiative, confidence, presentation and clear acceptance of ISM contractual agreement conditions. Each applicant will receive a separate interview. Admission interviews must be pre-arranged by the student with the ISM Director.
  • Sign and Date:
    ISM Enrollment Agreement Contract
    Annex A: SMS Training Program Agreement
    Annex B: ISM Cancellation and Refund Policy Agreement
    Annex C: ISM Complaint Procedures & Remedies Agreement
    Annex D: ISM SMS Certification Agreement
    Annex E: ISM Private Vocational School Enrollment Acknowledgment Notice

Downloadable Forms and Information

ISM Training Program Catalog  (PDF)
A printable catalog of information about the ISM Structural Medicine Specialist<sipu

ISM Application Process  (PDF)
Detailed information on how to step through the application process.

ISM Enrollment Application  (PDF)
Please call Donna Bajelis at (206) 713-9758 for current application deadline.

ISM Enrollment Agreement Contract  (PDF)
Read through this binding enrollment contract carefully before signing.

Training Requirements (PDF)
A checklist detailing the requirements for each year of the training. Please eep this list handy throughout the training for a road map of requirements.

Book List (PDF)
List of required books and software needed throughout the training and their approximate cost.

Contacts and Area Information (PDF)
Includes contact information for ISM and other professional organizations, exam and licensure contacts, and information on Twisp area hotels, restaurants and transportation.

Bodywork Received Form (PDF)

Client Hours Form (PDF)

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